Veezy. Easy Viewer.


Frequently Asked Questions for Veezy

How to use

Create or rename an album to "Veezy" (without quotes). Open the app. Rejoice.

What about photos not in a Photos album?

That won't work.

And can the "Veezy" album be a shared one?

Yes. We recommend that, so you can have family or friends add photos to your "photo frame".

What's the order of the photos in the slideshow?

Random every time it starts over looping the album (the app doesn't have to be closed and re-opened).

Help! My photos are not showing or are black!

For Veezy to be super memory-efficient (less than 16MB RAM while running on slideshow, booyah!), it uses photos cache. If you never opened your photos album or you just restarted your iPad, there will be nothing. Play a Photos slideshow once with your album, and you'll be good to go.